Why Us

1. SHUANGLIANG product’s unique and advanced technical features guarantee 3S (Simple, Stable, Safety) for reliable operation.
2. Shuangliang drafted the National Industrial Standard of Lithium bromide absorption chiller in 1992 /2000.
3. Nearly 400 invention and utility model patents for absorption technology.
4. 25,000 plus installations of energy efficient units, which saves significant amount of electricity.
5. SHUANGLIANG is known for its high air-tightness and industry-leading coefficient of performance (COP).

1. More than 50 years R&D history since the former Chief Engineer designed the 1st absorption chiller in 1960s in China.
2. From the founding of SHUANGLIANG, R&D is the core value that is reflected throughout our integrated research system comprising post-doctoral station, state-level enterprise technology center, and technical department.

1. More than 30 years of manufacturing experience.
2. SHUANGLIANG adopts DFM technology in streamlining the production process to meet changing customer demands.
3. Is equipped with the advanced fabrication facility.

Quality Control
1. The chiller and its parts have been inspected by helium mass spectro leakage tester with leakage rate of 1X10-10Pa.m3/s, which is four order lower than the Chinese national standard and Japanese standard of 2.03X10-6Pa.m3/s, to guarantee the highest air tightness level in absorption chiller industry.
2. Performance testing platform is certified by Chinese Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Association.

Service After Sales
SHUANGLIANG has its service philosophy deeply rooted in the corporate culture.
1. Local service, local sales and local spare parts supply
2. Over 100 subsidiaries and branch offices around the world, and 500 sales representatives and after-sales service engineers who work around the clock to provide one-stop 24/7 service.

Water Solution Provider
With vacuum as our key technology, and water as our major business, we can produce chilled water and hot water/steam by our industry-leading waste heat recovery units. Through Shuangliang’s customized energy saving solutions, our waste heat recovery units could save a significant amount of electricity, and in turn reduces electricity bills, carbon dioxide & sulfur dioxide emissions. In fact, not only do we offer waste heat recovery units, but also fresh water units though fresh water saving and fresh water production. Our special designed fresh water producing units guarantee you with maximum economical return!

As a matter of fact, SHUANGLIANG is not just an equipment provider, but we can offer complete system solution and EPC (Engineering Procurement Construction) for our client. In selected countries, SHUANGLIANG will provide the customers with EMC (Energy Management Contract), so we will actually invest in the project and share the risks with our client.