Testing Equipment

Helium Leak Detector (Accommodating the whole unit of the absorption chiller or heat pump)
Absorption Chiller operates in high vacuum condition. The helium leak test is essential to ensure a perfect vacuum condition throughout production. Before the finished absorption unit leaves factory, it is tested as a whole by our helium mass spectrometer to ensure high air tightness. Various tests show that SHUANGLIANG equipment is strictly air tight, which ensures the unit’s extended use life. As a matter of fact, SHUANGLIANG is one of the first to apply helium mass spectrometer to test the whole unit in China central air conditioning industry.

Leakage Rate Comparison
Chinese National Standard: 2.03×10-6Pa.m3/s
Japanese JISB8622-2002 Standard: 2.03×10-6Pa.m3/s
SHUANGLIANG Standard: <1x10-10Pa.m3/s, originally intended for space craft & satellite.