Technical Features

SHUANGLIANG’s unique and advanced features guarantee unit reliability.

Two Pumps and without Spray Nozzles
SHUANGLIANG produced the first absorption chiller in China without spray nozzles, which solves the degradation of cooling capacity, and thus prolongs the operation life of chiller. It is manufactured with the knowhow such as Left-Middle-Right arrangement of absorber-evaporator-absorber, and absorbers with dripping plates instead of spray nozzles (solution spray pump is no longer required).

State of the Art Liquid Heat Exchanger
High-efficiency heat transfer tubes with new flow pattern improve heat transfer and reduce flow pressure drop. These measures improve chiller’s energy efficiency and reduced fuel consumption.

Distribution of Refrigerant by Dripping Plates in the Evaporator
Unique to our evaporator is the special refrigerant distribution design by dripping plates that guarantees an effective use of heat transfer area, reduces liquid film thickness, enhances heat transfer performance, improves operating efficiency of the whole unit, and reduces the power consumption of the refrigerant pump.

High Quality Tubes and Optimized Flow Arrangement in Evaporator
High quality heat transfer tubes and their optimized flow arrangement ensure an even distribution of heat transfer effect, and thus enhance heat transfer efficiency and reduce power consumption.

Heat Transferring Technology
Advanced evaporator heat transfer technology assures safer operation, extends the lifecycle, and enables a high heat transfer efficiency of 93.5%.

Anti-Freeze Technology
Evaporator tubes are protected from freezing. It is realized by collecting the refrigerant water from the condenser at the bottom chamber of the evaporator, and then pumping to the dripping plates. Thus the refrigerant dripping process would be stopped immediately if the refrigerant pump was powered off.

Special Construction of High Pressure Generator for Direct Fired Chiller
In direct fired chiller, high pressure generator with solution inside tubes and wet back of combustion chamber improves operation safety of chiller, and thus reduces fuel consumption.

Serial Flow of Solution
LiBr solution flows in serial direction means it is far from crystallization line, thus improving the reliability of chiller and simplifying the control of chiller.

Non-Condensable Gas Purging System
Patented air purging device has various air inlets strategically arranged inside the unit to ensure optimum air suction performance. According to the air pressure inside, the device would automatically discharge the non-condensable gas inside.

Anti Crystallization Technology
Our control system could prevent crystallization by real-time monitoring the concentration of solution.