SHUANGLIANG started its business.

The predecessor of SHUANGLIANG, Jiangyin LiBr Absorption Chiller Factory, was incepted. In the same year, the factory produced its first LiBr absorption chiller.

SHUANGLIANG participated in drafting standards of Chinese absorption chiller industry.

The Ministry of Personnel of the People's Republic of China set up a post-doctoral station in SHUANGLIANG. The company was recognized for its high ranking in customer satisfaction.

SHAUNGLIANG was certified as Well-Known Chinese Brand and Top 100 Chinese Machinery Manufacturers. The construction project of Shuangliang Chemical and Material Engineering Facility was kick-started that year.

SHUANGLIANG was listed on Shanghai Stock Exchange, with the stock code of 600481. The company reaped a number of honors, such as Well-Known Chinese Brand and Top 100 Chinese Competitive Enterprises for Intellectual Property.

We successfully connected our first direct-fired air-cooled condenser to the thermal power plant. This event marked our first step towards helping customers save water.

The company developed the first seawater desalination equipment that is energized by waste heat from the thermal power plant. From then on, Shuangliang Eco-Energy has gradually become involved in seawater desalination industry.

SHUANGLIANG invented Chinese first triple-effect direct-fired LiBr absorption unit.

SHUANGLIANG launched J series double effect chiller with COP 1.52.

We developed absorption chiller for minus temp. up to -5 ℃.