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Seawater Desalination

With fast world’s population growth and global warming, using seawater desalination is becoming a wise option for those living in coastal areas.

We provide a complete seawater desalination solution for customers who want to make fresh, drinkable water from sea water.

Economical, Effective, and Reliable Sea Water Distillation Desalination Technology

Low-Temperature Multi-Effect Distillation

Low-temperature multi-effect distillation represents by far the most economical seawater desalination technology. Whether it is low-pressure steam (>0.25bar) or waste heat, both can be employed effectively as the heat source for distillation. The resulting purified water can be used for either human consumption or certain production process.

Multi-effect seawater distillation is a process that vaporizes seawater at temperatures less than 70°C, which contains multiple stages or steps. Each stage is a heat exchanger that contains a series of horizontal tubes. As seawater is sprayed on the hot steam tubes, the feeding water vaporizes and condenses. Then, this steam flows into the tubes of the next stage, heating and evaporating more water. Each stage essentially reuses the energy from the previous stage.

Technical Features
1. The operating temperature is less than 70°C, which effectively prevents or reduces chances of fouling and corrosion.
2. The seawater desalination process is applicable to different qualities of seawater. It is simple to operate, and requiring little investments on setups.
3. Suitable sea water temperature: 0°C-35°C
4. High heat transfer efficiency and load capacity with adjustable load range between 40% and 110%.
5. Resulting water purity (TDS): <5ppm
6. Fewer operating parts mean lower electricity consumption.
7. Easy and stable system operation with few maintenance guarantees continuous normal operation.
8. Heat sources of various grades can be employed to power the seawater desalination process. The resulting water can be used for multiple purposes. The process meets the national requirements of energy saving and emission reduction. It helps make the best use of water resources.

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