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Lithium Bromide Absorption Heat Pump

I. Overview
Lithium bromide absorption heat pump is an equipment based on the lithium bromide refrigeration technology. By recovering the low temperature heat source (steam, waste hot water and geothermal water and etc.), it produces the high temperature medium applicable in manufacturing process and heating of building.

It can be widely used in such fields as oil, petrochemical, textile, brewery and steel and iron industries.

With a customer-centric approach, advanced technologies, and stringent management, we are capable of providing worldwide customers with reliable central air-conditioners that are easy to operate.

II. Technical Features
1. Innovative, Integrated Structure
In first category heat pump, the new refrigerant water flow circuit and reliable safety protection system protect the copper tubes from rupture owing to freezing.

In second category heat pump, the innovative multi-stage heat producing technology decreases the temperature of heat source to the lowest level, and in return maximize the COP of our heat pump. The absorber-evaporator arranged in Left-Middle-Right structure, with concentrated solution directly absorbing the refrigerant vapor to achieve optimum heat-mass transfer. Split handling of chiller reduces the difficulty in the transportation and handling of unit for our customers.

2. Low Operating Cost
Vaporized refrigerant is directly absorbed by the concentrated solution through the optimized heat and mass transfer process. Application of the high-efficiency heat exchanger and others optimized structure designs improve the operation efficiency of the integrated unit and its parts, cut the operation cost, reduce the dimensions and weight, lower the solution charge and civil construction investment, and optimize usage of space.

3. Tightly Sealed Pumping System
During operation, the high-efficient purging system automatically purge out non-condensable gases and collect them in the gas cylinder and chamber. A helium leak test ensures that the air-tightness of the heat pump is at the world advanced level, which guarantees high performance and long life operation of the heat pump, and avoids frequent operations of vacuum pump.

4. Special Anti-Crystallizing Device
The first category heat pump could automatically regulate the concentration of the strong solution and flow rate of the refrigerant water in relation to the operating conditions. This allows for both the concentration of strong solution and crystallization concentration remains within the safety margin.

5. Standardization and Commercialization
For steam operated, hot water operated, and direct-fired absorption heat pumps with similar capacity, all components, except generator, can be interchanged, which makes the selection of appropriate type easier both for the owner and designer, and offers more possibility for further modification.

III. Sales Cases

Case 1

GD Power Datong No.2 Power Plant
Heating Capacity: 10×35MW (The largest absorption heat pump ever seen for use in the waste heat recovery system of the power plant. )

Social Benefit
Annual Coal Savings: 68,000 tons
Annual Reduction in Sulfur Dioxide Emission: 1,632 tons
Annual Reduction in Nitrogen Oxide Emission: 476 tons
Annual Reduction in Carbon Dioxide Emission: 170,000 tons

Economic Benefit
Without adding any boilers or heating units, our heat pump is able to recover 199.4 GJ of heat on an annual basis, delivering a power up to 140MW.

Added Heat Supply Area: 2,796,000m2
Annual Savings on Heat Supply Cost: 41.94 million RMB
Annual Water Savings: 828,000 tons
Annual Savings on Water Cost: 331,2000 RMB

Case 2

Weihuliang Power Station
Heating Capacity per Unit: 37.68MW
Number of Units: 3
Added Heat Supply Area: 900,000 m2
Annual Coal Savings: 22,600 tons
Annual Reduction in Sulfur Dioxide Emission: 706.4 tons
Annual Reduction in Nitrogen Dioxide Emission: 3,346,000 m2
Annual Reduction in Carbon Dioxide Emission: 56,200 tons

Case 3

Jiamusi Thermal Power Plant
This northmost power plant owns Chinese first 300MW generator sets with our absorption units incorporated.
Heating Capacity per Unit: 38.38MW
Number of Units: 8

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