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Hot Water Fired Lithium Bromide Absorption Chiller

Energized by hot water, this two-stage absorption chiller uses lithium bromide as absorbent, with water utilized as refrigerant. Standard specification on the temperature range of hot water is 90°-130°C. Non-standard specifications are available to suit special temperature requirements beyond that range.

The cooling capacity of hot water operated absorption chiller ranges between 350kw to 6890kw(30×104kcal/h to 600×104kcal/h).The resulting chilled water is at temperatures between 5°C and 7°C, suitable for cooling or industrial process.

Using waste hot water to produce useful chilled one is an effective way to recover waste heat, which attracts people’s attentions and gains increasing acceptance in this energy-saving era.
For areas where there is plenty of hot water, our two-stage hot water absorption chiller greatly reduces the use of electricity, saves considerable amount of operating costs, and smoothes out the differences between peak and valley electrical loads. Electricity shortage in summer time has become a severe problem faced by many metropolis. In response to this issue, our hot water absorption chiller is designed to offer an effective solution.

Hot water absorption chiller is applied in high-precision machinery manufacturing, instruments, aerospace, textile, electronics, power generation, metallurgy, pharmaceutical, cigarette, chemical engineering, and food industries.

Made with patented technologies, our hot water fired absorption refrigerator comes with other high-efficiency, eco-friendly features. Nearly 3 decades of hands-on experience in the industry allow us to deliver the technical support you need immediately. The purpose of all our efforts is to ensure the shortest possible payback period.

If you wish to understand more about our absorption chiller, please download the PDF below or contact of our engineers immediately.

Sales Cases

Case 1

Lefay Resort & Spa Lago di Garda (Gargnano, Lake Garda, Italy)
Cooling Capacity: 700kw

Model HSB-231 absorption chiller is powered by the flue gas produced from 2 micro turbines and 1 biomass boiler. It brings the modern, sustainable chiller design into full play. Sitting in an air-conditioned room of Lefay Resort that incorporates our chiller, hotel customers are easily carried away by the lake scenery unfolding around them. This elegant resort, in Gargnano, is nestled within 27 acres of gentle hills and natural terraces, adorned with olive groves and woodland on the Riviera dei Limoni.

Case 2

The Inselspital (BernUniversityHospital), Switzerland
Total Cooling Capacity: 1500KW
Chiller Type: Customized Double-Effect Hot Water Driven Absorption Cooler
Hot Water Temperature at Inlet/Outlet: 175°C/150°C

The Inselspital (BernUniversityHospital) is the teaching and academic medical center at the University of Bern, Switzerland. The hospital is operated by a charitable foundation. With more than 6,700 employees, the Inselspital provides care for more than 250, 000 patients per year and represents one of the country’s leading medical institutions.

Case 3

Sochi President Hotel
Model No. : HSB-496H2 (Hot Water Driven Two-Stage Absorption Unit)
Total Cooling Capacity: 2×1400kw

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