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Direct Fired Lithium Bromide Absorption Chiller

There are clear reasons for us to have developed this high-efficiency absorption chiller. With ever-increasing electricity price and growing concern over the environment, any waste of energy just cannot be tolerated.

Our energy-efficient absorption unit is energized by the heat from directly burning light oil, heavy oil, manufactured gas or natural gas. By using heat of different grades, the chiller can produce chilled water at temperatures between 5°C and 7°C. The resulting water is most commonly used in the air conditioning system. Different chiller models offer different choices of cooling capacity, either within the 350~11630KW(30~1000×104kcal/h) range or the range of 280~9300KW(24~800×104kcal/h).

If you are considering buying an eco-friendly and highly efficient cooling unit, please consider absorption chiller produced by SHUANGLIANG as an option.  At the moment, you are probably wondering what exactly an economical absorption chiller is. From my experience, an economical absorption refrigeration model should require the minimum investment while bringing the maximum profits for industrial or domestic use. Specific benefits of our double-effect direct fired absorption unit are listed in following.

Minimum Environmental Cost
The chiller uses lithium bromide instead of Freon as the coolant. The concern over ozone depletion would become much less of an issue to you as no harmful CFCs are ever emitted to the atmosphere.

Lowest Social Cost
In a direct-fired absorption chiller, gas or oil is used in place of electricity as the driven source. This is contrasted with compression chiller which requires extra investments in the construction of power station and other electricity infrastructure, as electricity is a must for compression chiller. Therefore choosing our chiller means reducing installation and operation cost.

Competitive Price
The 20% lighter, more compact design greatly saves money on production and shipping costs. The advanced concept of Design for Manufacturability is introduced to minimize manufacturing cost, ensure zero defects, and optimize customization and management. As a result, more cost savings can be passed on to customers.

Quick Time-to-Market
We are capable of developing and manufacturing your desired direct-fired absorption chiller in the shortest possible time.

Lowest Possible Operating Cost
The relatively compact, lightweight design allows absorption chiller to have a smaller footprint and reduced foundation dimension. Energy-saving features help save operating costs. Highly reliable design and manufacturing technologies enable rugged absorption refrigerators that require little maintenance.

Reducing production cost opens up more opportunities for customers to get a better quality chiller at a lower price. Improved working environment is conducive to improving working efficiency. All these aspects assure the best customer satisfaction.

If you aspire to know more about the working principle, structure and use of our direct-fired lithium bromide absorption chiller, please feel free to download our PDF or contact one of our engineers for assistance.

Sales Cases

Case 1

Beijing Capital International Airport
Total Cooling Capacity: 6012 RT
Energy Saving Performance: Our chiller helps save 8MW of electricity per hour, which translates into a coal saving of 20,000 tons and a reduction in carbon dioxide emission of 52,000 tons.

As a famous landmark once built in preparation for the 2008 Olympic Games, Beijing Capital International Airport has contracted part of its central conditioning system project to our company. This is the second time that we have become the partner for the Olympic Games.

Case 2

Art College of The University of Melbourne, Australia
Total Cooling Capacity: 1100kw

The absorption chiller is driven by hot water from solar-powered device in the daytime, and energized by heat from direct combustion of fuel at night.

The University of Melbourne is a public university located in Melbourne, Victoria. Founded in 1853, it is the second oldest university in Australia and the oldest in Victoria. The main campus is located in Parkville, an inner suburb just north of the Melbourne CBD.

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