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Steam Fired Lithium Bromide Absorption Chiller

This absorption chiller represents one of our most popular, energy-efficient units that use waste heat to produce chilled water. Its resulting water temperature ranges from 5°C to 7°C, suitable for use in the central air conditioning system or industrial process.

Steam-driven absorption chiller with steam pressure of 0.01-0.15Mpa delivers a cooling capacity of 350~11630kW (30~1000×104kcal).

H2 double effect lithium bromide absorption unit is a piece of large-scale industrial equipment that uses water as refrigerant, and lithium bromide as absorbent. It is made up of the high-pressure generator, low-pressure generator, condenser, evaporator, absorber and heat exchanger. Its auxiliary parts include the vacuum pump, purging unit, canned motor pumps(solution pump and refrigerant pump). Heat is transferred in the shell and tube heat exchanger. Via the vacuum pump and purging unit, the whole refrigeration process can be carried out in vacuum.

H2 double-effect absorption chiller is especially practical in areas where there is ample steam supply. Its application greatly reduces the use of electricity, saves operating costs, and balances peak and valley loads. Electricity shortage in the summer time poses great concern for many users. In response to this issue, our steam fired absorption chiller is designed to offer an effective solution.

The most attractive feature of SHUANGLIANG H2-type steam operated double effect chiller is its stunning performance in energy saving. High COP of 1.43 ranks Shuangliang H2-type steam operated chiller in the leading position worldwide.

It is widely used in the high-precision machinery manufacturing, instruments, aerospace, textile, electronics, power generation, metallurgy, pharmaceutical, cigarette, chemical engineering, and food industries. Made with patented technologies, our H2 model also comes with other eco-friendly, high-efficiency features. Nearly three decades of hands-on experience in the industry ensures that the technical support you need will be there when needed---immediately!

It just makes better economical sense to buy our absorption chiller that would bring you the desired investment returns. To know more about our product applications and advantages, please download the product-related PDF or contact us directly.

Sales Cases

Case 1

China-ASEAN Plaza Cooling System Solution
Total Cooling Capacity: 17,870 RT

Case 2

Pfizer Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd. Cooling System Solution
Total Cooling Capacity: 2330 KW

Pfizer Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd. is a subsidiary of Pfizer Inc., which is the world’s largest research-based pharmaceutical company. Pfizer (Germany) also cooperated with us for the 2040kw steam-driven chiller.

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